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SPR™ is a spiral-wound trenchless pipeline renewal process designed for use in medium to large-diameter pipelines, typically 18” and larger.  SPR™ can be used in man entry and non-man entry applications.  SPR™ utilizes steel-reinforced interlocking PVC profile strips grouted in place with an engineered specified cementitious grout. The installation equipment can be utilized via standard access points without site excavation. SPR™ can also be installed in vertical applications such as wet wells, access shafts and other large-diameter structures.

The SPR™ process is unique as it can provide a customized structural solution to aging pipelines. It can also be engineered to correct hydraulic anomalies as well as restore the slope of the original pipe.

The interlocking edges of the profile create an impermeable mechanical lock that can withstand strong deformational forces. SPR™ PVC profiles have a Mannings n of 0.01. SPR™ liners have been tested in accordance with industry standards and meet or exceed the standards for spiral-wound PVC
profile wall liners ASTM F 1697 and F 1741.

The SPR™ process

The SPR™ grouting process utilizes an internal frame system that is installed after the profile has been wound into place.

  • Provides structural support during the grouting process.
  • Positions the SPR™ profile in the host pipe according to engineering specifications.
  • Annular space does not have to be equidistant from sides of host pipe.
  • Frames can be differentially positioned along the host pipe to allow restoration of original slope.

The SPR™ grout is specially formulated for the SPR™ process.

  • Highly thixotropic
  • Strong adhesion to the host pipe and SPR™ PVC profile
  • Minimal drying shrinkage
  • Little segregation in water
  • High compression